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One-Time Positions

We have the right connects to find you the one-time personnel you need. For all of those one day projects, we have the reliable individuals you need, in order to get the job done that day.


Short-Term Basis

Do you have a short term project that you know won’t take a terribly long time to complete, but still need ensure you get the right people for the job? Don’t wait, contact us to hire the skilled personnel you need for the job.

Long-Term Basis

Are you in need of a team of railway personnel you know you can count on for a long-term project? Here at, Empire, we provide you with motivated individual, who will be there to get the job done.

AC Isolations

Our Isolations personnel are carefully chosen for their wealth of experience in the management,planning and delivering Isolations. Our isolations teams understand the importance and safety-critical nature of what we do and are meticulous and detailed in our approach to providing this key service.

Our knowledge and experience in Isolation Management have enabled us to deliver a professional service that allows maximum productivity for our clients.

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We offer personnel that are reliable, motivated and highly skilled. Contact us today to get started with our team!